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    Thanks. Meanwhile I’ve been using the default Annapolis profile for movies. It’s really good as a bass booster.


    I’ve added the TOOLS profiles and a few City profiles that have been requested to the Dropbox folder link I sent to everyone.

    Install the profiles by dropping them into the output category of your choice in Program Data/Bongiovi Acoustics/DPS 2.0/<output category folder>


    Hi Joe!

    Thanks for providing the new profiles!

    I had a look at the new bgvx ones and found out that they all have the midband bypassed, which I assume according to the DPS profile creator online help means they’re working in 2 band mode? Is this intentional, I don’t think that’s normal?

    I would also like to mention that both with old and new profiles some eq bands, though having 0 dB gain are *not* bypassed. Shouldn’t they be for performance reasons?



    Actually, the values for the output AGCs inside the profile are attached to the logic that controls the signal flow and don’t necessarily correspond to a specific component becoming bypassed.

    We have a batch converter to change all of the Mac profiles into the new format.  Older profiles do not have 2 band or low band modes, only full band and 3 band.  So in the converted profiles you are getting 3 band mode unless bypass_multiband = 1.  It is counter intuitive for legacy reasons.

    You are correct that profiles with 0dB gain in the filters should be bypassed to save CPU usage.   The impact is very small for any normal PC, but it is good practice.  Most likely we will solve that issue in the DPS core processing code base with a bit of logic; if gain = 0 then skip this band.  The compressors (AKA automatic gain controller (AGC) / dynamic range controller (DRC)) take up much more CPU than the filters which is why we have so many AGC modes to choose from.

    I’m sure you will happy to know there is a profile editor for everyone in the works.  Our current editor/creator is very complex and is provided only to OEM clients.  But we would like to see a community come together to create new and exciting profiles that we can all share.  I’ll have more info on that later this year.


    We have an update for the DPS Virtual Audio Driver


    1. Click here to download the update
    2. Quit DPS via the System Tray menu.
    3. Launch the DPS Driver Update installer.
    4. Follow Instructions.
    5. Launch DPS.

    The inoperative 48k option will be removed.

    I have to say, the Microsoft Audio Driver Team was very helpful helping us solve this issue!


    When is the new update coming out? right now the program is deactivated because it says that it’s time to upgrade, but no new version has been posted yet.


    Maybe a windows update invalidated the activation. I just deactivated DPS and then activated it again. Seems to work fine here.


    Hey guys,

    Sorry for the interruption in service.  Version a19 expires today.  We are putting the next build (a20) together now so you can continue to use DPS 2.0.  In the meantime we are all pushing hard for our middle/end October official release!

    FYI this version will be collecting anonymous statistics.  Here are the stats we will collect:

    • App has been launched
    • App has been quit
    • DPS on/off
    • Output mode selection
    • Listening-to mode selection
    • Stereo Enhancement on/off
    • DPS HEAR on/off
    • App has been uninstalled

    More to come soon…


    DPS 2.0.0a20 is now available in the Dropbox folder

    • Integrated StatsD to collect anonymous information for the continuing improvement of DPS.
    • Added a button in Settings to open the system Sound control panel.
    • Integrated new Help files.
    • The beta timeout for a20 is 2/1/2016.

    What DPS 2.0 Profiles are you using most often?

    We would like some feedback from you about the profiles you prefer.  We are interested in how you are using the City profiles and any others that are available in the current version of DPS 2.0.  This will help us choose a nice selection of profiles for folks using the demo version.



    Hey xaqmusic, will beta testers get the full program for free. Like if you release it, and you have to pay for it, will beta testers have to pay or will we get it for free?


    And before any of you question my name its a joke, and is the activation tab, working, cause i put my login info in and it said activation failed, btw im a beta tester.


    It’s all good, Mr. Farts. We like silly names!

    The beta test program is for folks who have previously purchased a DPS plugin activation at   The same email and password will work.

    We need answers to the questions I posted above.  So if you are able to give us some good feedback here on the forum I’ll send a free activation your way.   Email me at to discuss.

    Regarding the official release and current customers

    • In a few weeks we will be officially releasing DPS 2.0.
    • The first release will be an extended free trial.  It will have less features than the version you are currently testing.
    • After the initial release, we will be pushing out regular software updates.
    • The ability to purchase will be added shortly.  There will be several levels of purchase available depending on what features a customer wants.
    • All customers who currently own DPS 1.x activations will be granted the highest level activation of DPS 2.0. Some of these details are still to be determined but this does include beta testers who received a free activation.

    DPS 2.0 is an entirely new system for interacting with Bongiovi and our tech.  The old web store will be phased out to make way for the new customized service.  We are super excited about all the new bells and whistles and we are very grateful for your help testing!


    Any chance there’s a Mac release coming as well? I’m really excited to try out 2.0.


    bugs-errors dps2 a20x64 for windows 10 – 1240×64


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