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    your server is automatically activated in 24-hour mode is activated? or that you manually?



    I reset your activations.  You can activate now.   I don’t understand what you mean by 24hour mode.

    When does DPS crash?  Is it happening when you launch the program?

    It will help if I can see a Direct x diagnostic report from your computer.  Instructions are here

      You can email the report to me at  


    after reinstallation and first run on as admin!
    immediately able to normal activate and work, this 2a19 version without bugs!

    and which limit the number of activations for 1 user with 1 PC / WIndows, and what MAK, IP, DNS, PC, HDD – links activation key?


    what month of the year is expected to release the final version 2?


    I installed the latest alpha today and I’m running Windows 10 x64. It doesn’t look like Windows is processing the audio through DPS properly. My volume control on my keyboard is adjusting DPS’ volume but it has no effect on the output volume. I have to change the speaker volume to get any change, making me think the computer is bypassing DPS.


    I have been using DPS 2.0.0a19 on Windows 10 Pro x64 for a few days now. It’s been working without problems until today…  The DPS software suddenly decided to stop working after a simple reboot of my computer.

    I have tried uninstalling with Revo Uninstaller to get rid of any files being left behind by the uninstaller and reinstalled and rebooted without success.


    Hmmmm  perhaps a Windows 10 update has been pushed out that broke something.   Let me run a test on our Win 10 machine.  I’ll reply with the results soon.



    Please look at the Default Playback Device in the Sound Control Panel.  Digital Power Station should be default.  If another output is set as default then it will bypass DPS.


    So, I brought this program a few years ago and I’m wondering how to make it work on Windows 10 PRO?




    I have created a new forum topic for Windows 10 and DPS 1.2.4 compatibility.

    Please try installing 1.2.4 and let us know if you have success in that forum topic.

    mrdank and soccerkingpilot,

    We have installed all of the latest updates to our Windows 10 test computers and we are not having any issues with DPS 2.0.

    If you want to try true uninstall, please follow these steps:

    1. Use the uninstaller to uninstall DPS 2.0
      1. Be sure no programs are using the audio drivers.
      2. Go to Start Menu–>All Apps–>Bongiovi Acoustics–>Uninstall DPS 2.0
      3. Follow instructions.
      4. This should uninstall the driver and application.
    2. Delete .NET preferences for your user
      1. Use File Browser to go to OS(c:)–>Users–><your user>–>App Data–>Local–>Bongiovi_Acoustics
      2. Delete all folders in Bongiovi_Acoustics
    3. Use the File Browser to go to OS(c:)–>Program Data
    4. There should be no Bongiovi Acoustics folder or that folder should be empty.
    5. Check Sound Control Panel to be sure the Digital Power Station output device has been removed.

    That is all you have to do to remove DPS 2.0 completely.


    Thank’s you!


    Thank you sooo much! Been without DPS for two days now, but finally! 😀


    Complete uninstall and reinstall worked like a charm 🙂


    Hi, everyone!

    I am happy to announce we are tentatively scheduling the full release of DPS 2.0 for sometime in October.  You will see the web based parts change quite a bit between now and then.  But it seems our audio processing is stable.

    We have found there are issues occurring on some systems when Windows 10 updates are pushed out and/or when folks upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10.  Symptoms include no audio or profiles failing to load.  We have found deleting the .NET preferences fixes the issue.  No reinstall is required.

    1. Quit DPS 2.0
    2. Use File Browser to go to OS(c:)–>Users–><your user>–>App Data–>Local–>Bongiovi_Acoustics
    3. Delete all folders in Bongiovi_Acoustics
    4. Launch DPS 2.0





    Is it possible to get access to the Alpha version of DPS 2.0? I’ve recently bought DPS and found that it doesn’t sound right. Stereo feels like mono (the stereo field becomes severely narrower) and the sound is rather boxy, with lack of clarity. It doesn’t matter what profile I choose, even one for big speakers (which I have). Also, even with DPS off (but still running in the background, with the huge button being grey), everything sounds pretty bad. Someone on another forum suggested that it might be that DPS downsamples my audio or something (I play 24bit FLAC music, for the most part). Anyway, I thought it would be worth trying version 2.0, maybe it would sound better.


    If your sound degradation is actually caused by DPS always outputting 16 bit at 44.1 kHz, then this also applies to version 2.0.
    DPS uses DirectSound for output. Are you using something else like WASAPI when DPS is completely off? Because that sounds quite different in my opinion.
    Have you made sure that no other effects in your player or soundcard drivers interfere with DPS (or only enhance/change the sound while DPS is completely off)?

Viewing 15 posts - 301 through 315 (of 419 total)
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