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    Well, it’s pretty obvious that display language or .NET version are not part of the crash.  It’s so strange that you guys all have the issue but in the 12+ computers we’ve tested on they work perfectly.  Curiouser and curiouser…

    We will have version a12 ready shortly with rebuilt libraries (among other fixes).  Let’s see how that goes.


    A New Build Is Now Available

    This time I zipped up the installer in case there was corruption of the exe (causing the exception) by Dropbox.

    Version 2.0.0a12

    • Fixed an issue with the installer when checking for an existing DPS driver.
    • Fixed issues with setting content and output types from the tray when the main window is closed.
    • Fixed the ability to turn on processing after the trial period has expired and user successfully activates the app.
    • Attempt to fix the exception on startup that some users are experiencing.
    • Added a preference to turn on/off the visualizer display.
    • The beta timeout for a12 is 10/30/2014.

    [quote=62252]Version 2.0.0a12[/quote]


    All Full-Ok! WORK NORMAL in Win 8.1 x64


    Hi Joey:

    Everything’s working fine so far with a12 but, as you probably know, the memory problem isn’t fixed. I also downloaded the 2 Phoenix music and movie profiles from the drop box. Interestingly, in the speaker selection box, it only shows one Phoenix profile, but clicking on music and movies makes a definite difference.

    One minor thing, though. The Transparent skins no longer have the solid background as an option.

    UPDATE: I don’t see the visualizer setting anywhere. Also, got another expiry message, even though I had activated it, but a restart fixed it.

    ANOTHER UPDATE: After using DPS for several minutes, I got another expiry message. which is the second one today. A restart fixed it again and I redid the activation. Somehow, it appears my first activation got “lost”. I noticed the boxes were blank when I looked at them instead of having the email address and password fields filled in with dots or whatever.

    DPS activation still working after another hour or so.


    [quote=62257]UPDATE: I don’t see the visualizer setting anywhere. Also, got another expiry message, even though I had activated it, but a restart fixed it.[/quote][quote=62257]A restart fixed it again and I redid the activation. Somehow, it appears my first activation got “lost”. I noticed the boxes were blank when I looked at them instead of having the email address and password fields filled in with dots or whatever.[/quote]


    yes I have the exact same bag activation was but a restart dps and everything works normal


    that there is something there is a high load cpu & ram


    How much CPU and RAM usage are you seeing?  On my machines I see 5% or less CPU and between 25 and 60MB RAM.  The RAM changes up and down over time and the memory usage is about the same as Windows Media Player (and much less than Dropbox!).

    Keep in mind this is a .NET application.  The code is managed so it is really up to Windows to handle memory usage.  However, if the memory usage is higher than what I just mentioned please let us know.

    BTW, the check box for turning the Visualizer off is at the bottom of the Settings tab.


    Jim: After using DPS for several minutes, I got another expiry message. which is the second one today.

    Did you install over top of a11 while it was still activated?  The activation should stay after an upgrade.  However, if you uninstall first, you will loose that activation.  I think I see this on your account so I freed up one of your activations.


    Hi Joey:

    I probably installed over a11, but I’m losing track of stuff like that. 🙂

    I was using 1.2.3 and deactivated that before installing a12.

    I finally see the Visualizer check box. Sorry about that. Think I was looking for another line at the bottom of the screen.

    As for memory and CPU utilization, when media is playing with the GUI open, memory is running between 20 and 80 something MB. CPU is running between .5% and 2%. When the GUI is closed, it’s still doing about the same.

    When media is not playing with the GUI open, memory is running between 30 and 220MB and CPU is basically doing nothing. With the GUI closed, both memory and CPU are doing about the same.


    The latest version is working fine here also 🙂

    Also i have to say that fluctuating RAM usage of DPS while not playing a media is not normal as it should remain stable atleast even if it uses high RAM. I have used another .Net application Binisoft Windows Firewall Control and the RAM remains stable around 50-60 MB without fluctuation…..

    the developer of the product says


    Our products use the .NET framework. NET applications tend to have a larger memory footprint than native unmanaged applications. This is because the framework loads any required assemblies in memory. The memory usage reported by Task Manager is not very accurate because from these loaded .NET assemblies, some of them might be shared between multiple applications, but in Windows they appear and are counted for each application separately. For a .NET application written in WPF, the memory consumption is very standard. This is not so important. CPU usage is important because it can slow down the computer. The memory is garbage collected by the .NET framework when it is the right time, and because the GC is called by the framework, multiple instances of the same objects can reside in memory until they are garbage collected. One thing is sure: you will not run out of memory because of Windows Firewall Control.


    Windows 7×86 ERROR NET runtime

    Windows 7 sp1 x86 when rebooting windows dps generated an error DPS 2.0.exe – Application Error
    The instruction at “0x5be19596” referenced memory at “0x00000000”. The memory could not be “read”.
    message resource exists, but the message is not found in the string table and messages table

    after rebooting and logging in wind 7 issued another error net runtime
    DPS 2.0.exe
    Platform version: v4.0.30319
    Description. The process was terminated due to an unhandled exception.
    Exception Details: System.AccessViolationException

    in many ways error net for wind 7 x86 connected with errors partition C install Windows 7 >on the HDD, and after check and repair these partition errors – BAG-ERROR .net does not appear


    detailed report – file.evtx  of the event log Windows included in the archive for reference –


    For some reason, the memory problem is back again in a big way. Yesterday, I reported a fairly low memory usage, but today it’s different. I’m running DPS with the GUI closed and its memory usage is getting close to 1GB (yes that’s a gigabyte). Once it gets there, it drops back down to the low MB range, then repeats. When I switch to the GUI, memory climbs to about 800MB, then drops down and repeats. I’m not playing any media in either case.

    Playing music gives a much lower memory utilization as reported earlier whether the GUI is open or closed. I also found out that turning the Visualizer off increases memory utilization.

    After running DPS for a few minutes with media on and off, plus Visualization on and off, it eventually settled down to a much lower memory utilization. It’s certainly a strange problem.


    I can see that weird memory thing too. Here it starts with 30MB then goes up to 170MB and then drops and the process repeats. GUI is closed and DPS is *not* processing any audio. Also the CPU load is almost but not completely zero. So it’s definitely doing something though it shouldn’t.


    riyaz:  The memory will fluctuate while using DPS because it is a real-time processor (unlike a firewall app that is fairly static).  DPS is constantly (even when there is no audio playing) reading an audio buffer from memory, processing it, then delivering it to the output device which empties the buffer.  You can see this in the memory profile during normal operation:



    At least 40MB of unmanaged memory is normal for a .NET application because that is how much the runtime uses.  Memory used on top of that represents DPS related processes.  If you are worried about battery life or power, CPU usage is most important.

    jim and hans:  The higher memory usage you see is certainly not right.  Can you tell me what other applications might be running?  Or anything else I can try to replicate this problem?

    ruslang:  I see you are getting the crash again.  Are you saying the problem may be related to a bad HDD or memory?  If the executable gets corrupted or the audio buffer is corrupted there can certainly be a crash.  We have never seen this crash on our machines.  So is there something I can do to replicate the problem?




    Not much going on at the time. A few things like Outlook, IE and Task Manager were running, but nothing unusual. I eventually fired up iTunes to play music, but it was not running when I got the huge memory spikes. As I write this hours later, DPS is still showing lower memory utilization, plus I have COD Ghosts running and there’s nothing unusual. Memory usage right now goes no higher than 80-90MB.


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