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    thanks for your work !

    I don’t know what to tell you now… The problem is not my DAC neither my monitoring speakers because I hear no distortion at all when I disable DPS or simply uninstall it.

    I’ve copied “Love” on my Sony ZX2 DAP and Cowon Plenue M DAP, the music plays nicely without any distortion during the whole song.

    You may be out of ideas now, I understand…

    I’ve tried another profile that sounds close to the Paris one, Toledo, with the result of distortion too. I’m gonna tried other profiles.

    Thanks for all




    I don’t give up easy on these types of problems 😉

    The problem is certainly not with your hardware.  That is why I am looking at the recording and/or the effect of DPS on the recording.  Let me know when you try the -3dB Paris profiles.

    So I think if I am to have insight into the issue I need to hear a recording of the distortion.

    Has anyone else on this forum had distortion issues with a DAC?



    I’ve plugged the Teac UD-501 via optical on my iMac instead of USB, nothing changes.

    I now try to describe what I hear : At the beginning of “Love” (FLAC 44.1/16), There is the guitar power chord, during this I hear like “crackles” (that’s distortion to me…)

    I’m gonna try to record it and mail you what I hear.



    I’m back quick !

    I’ve tried recording the crackles with my iPhone, but you won’t hear them on the recording 🙁

    Here are other stuffs that might help you : When I select “Output”:

    “Built-in” and “Desktop” produce the crackles

    Only “Headphones” don’t distort.

    I’ve given Paris -3dB a try, the issue is still here.




    This is very interesting issue with DAC. I do hope you are able to track down the issue and fix it.

    I do have a portable DAC which I use seldom with my iPhone and Mac. It is NuForce uDAC-3. I realize it is not high end gear because portability is important to me. I can give it a try and test it with next beta (I am hoping for a Volume Boost fix) to see if I get an error.

    However, I use headphones so recording with iPhone won’t work. How would you suggest to capture audio? When DAC is plugged it has to be selected under Output, and any software that will record the output (SoundFlower…) has to be selected in Output to capture audio, so that would bypass DAC.

    It would be good idea to point us to areas to focus on or try DSP under certain conditions/settings and report. This way we might give you a better and more useful feedback to what is really important for you rather than reporting things that you are already working on and are aware of.

    If Eric’s recording does not give you the clue and headphones/computer audio capture is not possible, then the only way to go is to try to reproduce it yourself with FLAC file (preferably from Eric) and similar setup.



    I’ve listened to “Love” with the same DPS settings (Paris speakers) on my MacBook Pro (late 2014), output to Bose speakers, distortion is there too.

    So, to me, the problem must come from DPS. I’m a bit surprised that you listened to “Love” with your gear with no issue at all :/



    Now that the distortion/crackles are with both MacBook Pro and iMac, I’ve decided to rip my Def Leppard CD again with dBpoweramp (for Mac), just to be sure that the issue could come from a bad rip.

    The result is the same.

    xaqmusic, I’ve done all that I could do to give you as much informations as possible.

    I’ve tried all the Desktop speakers profiles, the one that sounds the best to my ears and with my gear is Paris speakers… Maybe there’s something wrong in it’s code ?





    Thanks for sending me the output you are hearing.  That clears things up a lot.  This is actually a fairly complex story which is why we have been having a little trouble.

    First, let me clarify that we are hearing crackles on both the original file AND with the DPS Paris profile.  Take a look at the original file:


    I have enhanced the spectrogram with Photoshop so you can see the high frequency lines during the power chord.  Those are most definitely artifacts in the original recording or transfer.  You can hear this if you listen carefully on studio monitors or speakers or headphones with good high frequency response.

    Now this is the same passage with the DPS Paris profile as it appears on my system:


    I did not enhance this image.  DPS is enhancing the high frequencies by about 15dB so you can easily see the crackles from the original recording are present in the DPS version in the same places.   DPS is just enhancing them so they are easier to hear (and see in the spectrogram).

    So you can see why we felt the DPS algorithm is not at fault since enhancing any recording is the intended result of DPS.

    Now this is the audio file you sent me:


    Look at all those crackles!  Those are because the signal is exceeding 0dBFS which is the maximum allowed for your DAC.  So you are hearing the natural crackles AND crackles due to clipped samples.  That’s no good!

    This is a very simple problem and has nothing to do with the DPS processing algorithm.  However, something is pushing the signal into the danger zone for your DAC.  That is the question we need to solve.  Since I can only look at the problem from our app’s perspective, I am going to place blame on our Volume Boost feature.  It had to be modified from 1.0.7 and could not be duplicated exactly due to changes made to our core processing library.   I also have to add Volume Boost is an OSX only feature that occurs after the DPS algorithm in the signal flow as a separate scalar function.  So there is some complexity for us to consider.

    I will get with our programmer to be sure that when Volume Boost is off there is no extra make-up gain that makes any samples clip.

    To help you in the short term, I added Paris -6dB profiles to Dropbox.   Please try these.  -6dB should place the output well within the headroom of your DAC.  If there are still excessive crackles (beyond the natural ones) send me a new recording.



    Thanks for all xaqmusic,

    You don’t seem to have read all my previous posts :

    -As I can hear the same crackles with my MacBook Pro Retina (late 2014, OS X 10.11.2), with Bose 2.1 speakers plugged via jack, I can say that it is not an hardware issue : nor my DAC, neither my iMac. Nor my MacBookPro, neither my Bose 2.1 speakers system…

    -I’ve listened to the audio clip that I recorded with Sound Siphon : THIS IS A MYSTERY : While I was recording, I could hear the crackles. But when I listen to the clip, NO CRACKLES AT ALL !!!

    -I DON’T USE the volume boost, nor with my MacBook Pro, neither with my iMac.

    I’m gonna try your -6dB Paris speakers profile, but I’m sure that crackles will be still there… I let you know.



    P.S. : The original recording of “Love” is not perfect, but as I said I don’t hear any crackles when listening to it through my DAP (Sony NW-ZX2 and Cowon Plenue M). It just sounds fine.


    I’d love to test the 2.0 beta (I’ve been a 1.0.x user for over 3 years), but I compiled the form twice and never got a Dropbox link back (it didn’t end up in my spambox, I checked). How do I go about it? 🙂


    Newest update is working well for me, only notable piece is that when I tried using the application launch URLs, it was launch my 1.0.7 version instead of my new 2.x. Not sure if there’s a way to set the preference, I may just remove 1.0.7.



    I’m a longtime DPS user and evangelist and happily just started beta testing vs. 2.0. The first time I installed 2.0 there were a couple hiccups (toggling DPS On and Off was reversed. When toggled On DPS was not active and vv. and when I tried to run Audio Hijack Pro to record the phenomenon, with DPS running I lost all system sound.) So, I uninstalled and reinstalled vs. 2.0. EVERYTHING WORKED JUST FINE.

    EDIT by xaqmusic to fix formatting.   See next post…


    Oops, my bad. Forgot to remove formatting before cutting and pasting text; Take II:

    Thanks, Dan! 2.0 installed ok, no freezes, whatever. Logged in as well. Test tone copacetic. Strangely, enough toggling DPS On mutes the sound. Toggling 2.0 improves the sound (amplitude in any case.)! I tested several times and I’m positive the FX were reversed.

    I then ran Audio Hijack Pro to see if I could record the toggle testing for you guys. I was able to but when I stopped the recording in Hijack Pro, I lost all sound, system wide!
    Then .Zip compressed DPS vs. 1.07, Uninstalled the new Bongiovi DPS vs. 2.0 successfully and, as I’ve had to do when experimenting and lose system sound, Logged Out and In (Restart is not always necessary.)
    Back in the saddle after the Login, I opened up iTunes and verified that audio was ok.
    I then kept it running (not scientific, I know. Live dangerously) and re-installed DPS 2.0. It loaded toggled On, and sounded great (as uzual) so I toggled DPS Off, verifying that DPS 2.0 works!!! I’m listening to Ernie Watts and Chick Corea, 4Tune, as I type (highly recommend his work on outstanding Kurt Elling album with Lawrence Hobgood tribute to John Coltrane & Johnny Hartman’s album on Impulse. Highly – if you’re into jazz, that is.)
    I went looking for DPS 2.0 install test, but there’s probably a counter file which recorder it running once.
    First look at new Prefs? I’m really impressed – also with your default configs. It’ll be fun to fool around with the features!
    1. when that strange reversal was happening I tried to pipe the sys sound through Audio Hijack but wasn’t able to before the sound crashed, so here’s the reccording, FWIW, but the signal did not route through DPS Reflector.
    2. Do I detect a definitive improvement in fidelity between vs. 1.07 and 2.0? Signal (music) and separation sound to be much cleaner and clearer, with more substantial midrange.
    Thanks and hope this helps.


    It seems like some of the issues you found may be related to our not requiring reboot after install.  I’m glad you got everything working and I’m glad you like the new sound!


    Has anyone else experienced issues on install?  If so, did rebooting help?  We don’t want to force reboot if we don’t have to but if installing the driver is not stable we will put that requirement back in.


    Version is now in Dropbox

    • Finished implementation of Sparkle update mechanism.
    • Toggling DPS on/off preserves user Volume Boost preference.

    The features we are working on next are:

    • Visualizer on/off checkbox
    • Support for VoiceOver for blind users
    • UI improvements
    • Fixes for bugs you find

    Then we will be go for release!

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