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    Do you have a timeframe for releasing the beta test version?


    We don’t have a hard timeline just yet.  Here is what we are currently working on:

    Audio driver updates for Windows and Mac – We are always looking to refine audio latency, stability and other behaviors like computer sleep/wake and video sync.

    Interface refinements – What should appear on what window?  How should the controls be laid out?  How can an equalizer be made more intuitive?  Howe should profiles be categorized?  How should the user be notified when changes occur in the audio system?

    Design and Style – We seem to have a consensus on a “flat” style (no drop shadows or crazy chrome) built on a custom drawn interface.  No stock OS windows will be used.  This means the user will be able to easily change the color of the interface to match the look of their desktop.  We are also building animation into the new interface so you will be able to “see” the effect of DPS on the sound!

    When we get a little farther along we will start a new beta program.  I have a feeling we will refine the interface in Windows first then replicate in Mac once the design is finalized and we all like it.  For now I will post mock-ups and screenshots here so you can see our progress and PLEASE make comments!


    Here is a sketch I made for the DPS 2.0 Equalizer:

    DPS 2.0 EQ

    The RTA in the background would be animated by the output audio.  The gain/freq/Q info would appear only while the user is clicking and dragging.  Maybe that text could follow the mouse position.  The colored bands that indicate frequency and width would get brighter or darker depending on boost or cut.  In the sketch I am cutting bass and boosting treble.


    Suggest the development team to include Kindle Fire device support. I’ve somewhere that Amazon has sold a few million Kindle devices and DPS 2.0 would be a nice feature to differentiate it among the “me too” tablet crowd – cough, cough, Google, Asus, Samsung…:)

    Would like to know if the development team is thinking about reaching out to Amazon with it’s walled garden approach of Fire OS 3.0 “Mojito”. Concept looks similar to Apple’s iTunes.



    Hi… Just a couple of suggestions for you:

    1. I would love the look and feel to match the OS GUI.  I appreciate your designers will throw their coloured pencils in the air at the suggestion, but it would look so much more professional.  Just to add insult to injury; I have to be honest that the iOS app really does look horrible, especially the opening nine icons.

    2. iOS: Driving the app takes quite a bit of practice to know where you are, where you want to go, and how to get back again.  There’s got to be a simpler way?  For example: Put the EQ together with the profile selection so all settings are together in one place (icon top-left).  Move home key/browser to bottom-left.  Move album browser to bottom-right.  Move help to settings or home screen.

    3. Mac: Rather than a separate Profiles and Settings tabs, have all profiles available for selection in Settings.  It’s clunky to install the profile then go over to Settings to select and tweak.  Merge About and Activation into one tab – once I’ve activated I don’t really need to see that ever again.

    4. Mac: From the Menu Bar drop-down, have the Top 5 or most recent profiles available to select when you mouse-over Built-In, Desktop or Headphones (like Output Device already does).  Or better still, your favourite saved profile+EQ settings.

    I’m sure I can think of more 😉


    I’ve been using your software since the first iTunes plugin. I love it!

    I like the direction the Mac and Windows interface is headed, flat and simple, but I don’t see how you can unify the iOS app without making it a system-wide thing. If feasible (you did say no idea is too big!), please make the iOS version system-wide. I don’t really like having to be constrained to a tiny percentage of my iTunes library on my iPhone anyway, so I listen mostly to Pandora (iTunes Radio does not impress) and TuneIn. As far as I can find, there’s no way to get DPS to enhance audio streamed via those apps in iOS.

    And I agree with AndyHiggins. The fewer clicks and drags the better the GUI. Some sort of help would be nice, or animated indicators. One thing I hate about iOS 7 is users are expected to have excellent vision. Microscopic icons are useless! So, please keep it readable.

    I can hardly wait!

    Joseph Beaty


    Thanks for the ideas about animated indicators, etc. I agree with the fewer clicks and drags statement. Apple places restrictions on what we can enhance for the entire system. If we could have full access to the audio stream, we def would. Keep the great ideas coming! You could always suggest us to your favortie app companies and Apple as well. Couldn’t hurt to try. Take care!

    Joseph Beaty


    Sorry we missed this suggestion. I will mention interest in the kindle fire device to our guys. Not sure if this is something we have looked into yet or not. Thanks for the suggestion!


    Ok, I just spend way to much time on trying to create some sort of flowchart to illustrate how I think this plug-in could become easier the use (to navigate if you will). I hope it helps. (BTW. English is not my native language).


    … How do you insert an image?

    Dan Rice

    Mjtp, please feel free to send your flowchart image to We would love to take a look at it!



    I took a look at your flowchart.  I agree with a lot of your observations about how the user’s experience can be improved.  The profile for your audio device (AudioTechnica headphones, JBL speakers, Dell Laptop Speakers etc) should definately be associated with the output device.  However, in Windows computers this is not a constant thing.  Many PCs only have one logical output device in the Windows audio settings screen.  And even with Macs, as you observed, a USB device may have speaker and/or headphone connections.

    Take a look at our latest mockup:

    DPS 2.0 Settings Page

    Ignore the tab at the top, it should be on the Settings selection.

    The Home tab will show EQ, Stereo Enhancement and other controls you may want to adjust often.  This will be revealed when we release the first beta version this summer!

    Also, all of the controls on the left (DPS on/off, Output selection, Content selection etc) will always be visible in every tab.  Only the content on the right (in this example the profile and output device selections) will change.  This way you always know what you are listening to.  And the changes you make are quite obviously associated with the proper profile and output device.

    Let us know what you think.

    PS – I will fix the image link problem in the forums right now…




    hello, is there a way to add pioneer appradio support for the apple IOS? I would love to use this on my car stereo  🙂



    You definitely can use an iOS device, assuming your vehicle’s system has a USB connector. The challenge would be to find a profile that works for you. DPS has a ton of profiles for iOS, so you should be able to find one that sounds good to you.


    Closing this topic so I can open a new one…

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