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DPS 1.2.4 for Windows 10

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    Hi everyone,

    I’m starting this topic thread for issues surrounding DPS 1.2.4 and Windows 10.

    We are having a few reports of issues in Windows 10 but they seem random and hardware dependent.  Please let us know what you find and we will do our best to recreate and resolve the issue.

    Click Here to download DPS 1.2.4


    Don’t work for me >_<

    16bit, 48000 Hz (DVD Quality)

    select output: Built-in


    Sorry for being unclear about the Digital Power Station driver.  Here are the details:

    • The DPS 1.2.4 driver for Windows 10 is actually the DPS 2.0 driver.
    • This driver has a 48kHz option that does not work.
    • There is some undocumented issue in the Windows 10 audio engine that prevents some driver with only one sample rate from working properly.  We are working around this by adding the 48k option.
    • We are working a more elegant fix.  Though we may need to wait for Microsoft to update the audio engine.
    • When a new driver is available we will have an installer that only replaces the driver.

    In the meantime, please set all of your audio devices to 44.1kHz 24bit/16bit.  This will provide the best sound quality when using DPS.


    Windows 10 x64 – for some reason when you run DPS124 The hardware volume of the main device (where the connected speakers – HDMI) turned down from 100 to 80



    The 80% volume is a legacy fix for Windows 8.  We found loud volume levels distorted much easier in Windows 8 compared with Windows 7.  DPS is detecting Windows 10 as Windows 8 so the 80% volume fix is applied.

    All of these volume problems are corrected in DPS 2.0.  We have included a new look-ahead peak limiter to prevent any distortion at any volume level.  DPS 2.0 is now set for release in October.


    We have an update for the DPS Virtual Audio Driver


    1. Click here to download the update
    2. Quit DPS via the System Tray menu.
    3. Launch the DPS Driver Update installer.
    4. Follow Instructions.
    5. Launch DPS.

    The inoperative 48k option will be removed.


    I’ve just install update but it still an error, the profile cannot load with dps as 1.23 build 🙁



    Do you mean 1.2.4?  Version 1.2.3 will not work at all in Windows 10.

    Use these steps to do a full upgrade:

    1. Uninstall DPS using the uninstaller Start/All Programs/Bongiovi Acoustics/Digital Power Station
    2. Click Here to download DPS 1.2.4
    3. Click here to download the driver update
    4. Reboot your computer to make sure no audio drivers are in use.
    5. Install DPS 1.2.4.
    6. After installation, be sure DPS is not running.
    7. Install the driver update.
    8. Launch DPS 1.2.4

    Thanks for your patience!  Let us know if you have any problems.


    It’s still cannot load the profile i was chose 🙁


    What profile are you trying to load?  Can you describe the error?  Feel free to contact us for support.


    It’s just load profile when i click at button setting, i had uninstall and reinstall again but it’s still not working


    Hi hoangngoc501!

    I’m not sure what to think of your video:

    1. It’s blocked in my country for using unlicensed music, so I needed to use a proxy.
    2. It’s upside down, so I needed to rotate it.
    3. Because of the first two points the quality is now so bad I have difficulties deciphering the text. However it seems you have Phoenix Speakers active and try to switch to the very same profile. So no change is expected.

    So again, what’s your problem?

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