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    Wasn’t sure where to post this, but want to pass it on. I’ve had a pair of Bose QC 3 headphones for roughly 5 years and the ear pads are well worn. I finally got around to replacing them today, and am amazed at how much better they sound. Everything sounds much “tighter” than before and I had to turn down the volume both on my computer and iPhone. Also, the noise cancellation is much more effective. Amazing what happens over time and you don’t even notice it.

    One of the things I really like about Bose is they have replacement cables, batteries, ear phone pads and possibly other things I’m not aware of. I originally paid $399 plus tax for the headphones, so it’s nice to be able to replace parts like that. The ear pads were $50.85 with tax, which I consider very reasonable.

    So, if you have some favourite headphones which have been around the block a few times, see if you can replace the ear pads. The result might just surprise you.

    Joseph Beaty


    This is great advice! If you would like to put a guest blog together for this subject, send me some text and photos of your new phones. Will be a cool thing to share with other Bose users. I agree, it is great that they offer replacements parts. When you spend that much on headphones especially. Then, DPS is the icing on the cake! Hit me up if you are interested in guest blogging.



    Hi Joseph:

    Thanks for the suggestion. That sounds like fun. If you don’t mind, I’ll contact you privately on Facebook to discuss it further.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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