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    I just tried
    Switching “Auto-adjust volume” does have no effect at all as it always had. Before it was always resetting the volume, even when using headphones. Now the volume is always left untouched and what I wrote here no longer holds true. But that’s still an improvement. 🙂



    I’d like to verify what you are seeing…

    To clarify the function a bit, this volume adjustment feature only applies when launching or quitting the application. No volumes are touched during runtime. In earlier versions, we avoided adjusting the volume if the user shut down while in headphones mode to avoid blasting out their ears when launching DPS again.

    So are you saying that when auto-adjust is checked, the DPS driver volume is not being set on launch even when quitting/launching in a speaker listening mode?


    So are you saying that when auto-adjust is checked, the DPS driver volume is not being set on launch even when quitting/launching in a speaker listening mode?

    In that case the actual soundcard is automatically set to 100% and DPS to its latest value. So probably all as intended.


    A suggestion:
    When a windows pc crashes for whatever reason (unrelated to DPS) then DPS will always crash afterwards every time it’s started because of a corrupted ‘user.config’. Deleting it will make it work again. However maybe it’s possible to handle this more gracefully by verifying and, if necessary, fixing or resetting that file.


    Hi I have two questions first I have logitech z323 speakrs what profile should i chosse miami or logitech deskop speakrs and the secend question is
    should I move my subwoofer or leave at zero?



    Can you describe the situation where this issue occurred in more detail? Especially, what external audio devices do you have connected when the crash occurs? I’m thinking the crash could occur when DPS is attempting to attach to a driver that no longer exists or does exist but now has a different ID. We have logic in place to handle this so I’m curious about the circumstances that cause the crash. We can fix if we can repro.


    Miami, Mendoza and both Logitech speaker profiles are good choices to try. We suggest playing some content you are very familiar with (a movie, a favorite song or youtube clip) while testing our the profiles. Your personal preference is everything. When making the Logitech profiles we usually set the subwoofer volume to about 50% (midway on the control) with the subwoofer under our desk. However, the acoustics of the subwoofer can change drastically depending on the shape of your room, carpet or no carpet, distance from the desktop speakers etc. With this in mind, I suggest setting the subwoofer a little quiet for your taste so you can get a good sense of how the profile is working. When you are happy, adjust the volume of the subwoofer up or down a bit to suit your taste. If you feel the sound is too “muddy” (which is common for the Logitec systems) reduce the level of the subwoofer then boost 50Hz about 6dB on the bass EQ on DPS. Hope this helps!


    When the crash occurred DPS was on but not processing any sound. The actual soundcard was processing the sound using WASAPI and I’m not sure if the player crashed or the graphics card which also has an audio device (which wasn’t in use though).
    Maybe the problem only occurs when crashing while WASAPI is in use.
    (When DPS is off and the actual soundcard was used with WASAPI before then starting DPS afterwards gives a ‘driver not found’ message but no crash.)


    I have a question about the bose companion 2 series iii loudspeakers is bass enough with bongovi dps ?


    the are preety intresting to me the reviews are mostly positive.



    Sorry for the late reply. Was the device in question using WASPI in Exclusive mode at the time of the crash? If DPS attempts to connect to a driver that is in use by another app in exclusive mode, the DPS application (which does the audio processing and UI) will crash. This is true for most audio apps in my experience. If you do not need the low latency or performance increase (due to insufficient CPU) that exclusive mode delivers, you may want to consider normal mode.


    The Bose Companion 2 speakers certainly have the decent Bose sound. Bose was one of the early pioneers of using signal processing to improve the sound of small speakers and now they are considered to be the gold standard in the industry. Since there is a lot of signal processing happening in all Bose speakers, you will find the effect of DPS will be minimal. This is because their internal processing will always be trying to maintain the “Bose sound” meaning if DPS is attempting to add bass or clarity, the Bose algorithm will reduce it back down to predetermined levels.

    In summary, the Bose Companion 2 speakers are of good quality especially if you, personally are happy with the sound. However, you may hear superior results (again depending on preference) with the Creative Labs T40 series and DPS.


    Celebrate the Holidays with some new Profiles!

    Version for Windows and Mac is now available for download.

    Here are the new profiles you have access to in the PROFILES browser:

    Apple AirPods
    Genelec 1029A Speakers
    JBL LSR305 Speakers
    JBL LSR308 Speakers
    AKG K240 Headphones
    AKG K550 Headphones
    KZ ZSA Headphones
    KZ ZS5 Headphones
    KZ ES3 Headphones
    KZ ZS6 Headphones
    KZ ZST Headphones

    Mac version only:
    Apple 12” MacBook Retina
    Apple 27” iMac 5K Retina

    FYI the automatic update will go out after Christmas when our folks are back in the office.



    Hi. Still can’t get DPS to work on macMini under Mojave. Tried everything up to and including
    Any chance it will be solved, please?

    Dan Rice


    Please open a ticket on your account page.

    Or feel free email me directly at for help on this.

    I look forward to hearing from you.


    Dan R.
    DPS Support


    (I asked this on another forum but it made sense to post it here too since its more active than most other posts)

    As it pertains to V3D:

    1. What headphones were used to test V3D?
    2. What was the main/dominant profile settings used to test V3D?
    3. What is the difference between “Music” and “Movie”?
    4. What is the difference between “Normal” and “Extreme”?

    Little Angel

    Out of interest on my iMac, still saying is the latest when I click check for updates….

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