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    NOTE: The installer for DPS 2.2 will be available tonight, August 27th, 2018 around 7 pm EST. I will alert this thread when it is available.

    UPDATE: We hit our deadline! The automatic update is out and the latest version is available via the download page.


    Exciting news, Joey! Can’t wait to check it out!


    Hey Joey, I downloaded the 2.2 version on from the homepage. The install succeeds, but the app won’t launch, citing:

    (com.bongiovi.DPS20.10456[826]): Binary is improperly signed.
    Aug 27 18:18:09 xxxxxxxxxx[1] (com.bongiovi.DPS20.10456[829]): removing service since it exited with consistent failure – OS_REASON_CODESIGNING | When validating /Applications/Bongiovi DPS/Bongiovi DPS:
    The code contains a Team ID, but validating its signature failed.
    Please check your system log.
    Aug 27 18:18:09 xxxxxxxxxxx[1] (com.bongiovi.DPS20.10456[829]): Binary is improperly signed.


    Hmmm I got this error when testing once but was not able to replicate it. What version of OSX are you using?

    Also, did you try a reboot?


    I’m using the latest public Mojave beta and it won’t boot but with no errors. Previous version wouldn’t boot but would ask whether I wanted to reboot the Mac Pro or reinstall.


    Same issue here, I am also using the Mojave Beta but the latest Developer Beta


    Ok, we are looking into it. @bnmguy, are you also using the Mojave beta?


    I was hoping v2.2.0.8 would fix the issue I have. Some time ago, I think when I first upgraded to OSX 10.13 DPS stopped working. There is zero difference in sound with a properly installed and activated DPS plugin with the plugin turned on vs. turned off.
    The problem exists with v2.2.0.8
    I’m currently running 10.13.6
    Nothing makes a difference to the sound I’m listening to. If I toggle between built-in, external or headphones as the output…..nothing
    Music or movies, nothing. Stereo controls, volume boost, nothing.
    I have rebooted, re-installed, no dice, no difference.
    Any ideas…..??



    This is most likely because the DPSReflector device is not set to be your primary output device in the OSX Audio Settings. The simplest way to walk through fixing it is to click the (?) icon in the lower left and follow the Setup Helper instructions.

    We cover the virtual audio driver signal path concept here:

    If you are still having issues with not hearing the effect, please open a ticket at

    Little Angel

    @ Joey, I too cannot get DPS to boot following update to latest version on Mojave latest Dev version.



    Hi, everyone.

    We were able to replicate the signing issue in the current Mojave beta. The fix seems fairly straightforward and will have a new build for you guys soon. I’ll post the installer here on this thread before we release so I can get your thumbs up.



    Hey Joey,

    Sorry for the delay. Yes, my bad. I forgot I was on the Mojave preview partition or I would have mentioned that.

    It seems to work fine on my High Sierra partition, at least for me.


    Hey guys,

    Download a preview of here. We will be putting it through its paces tomorrow on Mojave. Let us know how it works out for you.

    Participant works with Mojave. Man, I missed this thing!

    Thank you and your team for an insanely fast fix and turnaround.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 69 total)
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