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    Quantum Leap

    So, I’ve watched Joe’s outdated tutorial at YouTube

    Airfoil has changed a lot, as does Bongiovi DPS. It took me literary an hour before I’ve noticed he had the actual “Bongiovi DPS” application selected as source. Not mentioned in the clip at all. This is indeed the only way I’ve found to enhance my sound on my Apple TV (with superior soundbar). The only downside is I’m loosing all metadata like cover art and song info. My Apple TV just shows “Bongiovi DPS via Airfoil on my Mac”.

    Why do I need Airfoil and don’t just use Airplay? Because our magnificent Apple engineers disabled cross fading when using Airplay and DPS doesn’t enhance it.

    So, if I select iTunes or VOX or any other music player in Airfoil to get the meta data, I run into trouble. Does anyone know a workaround?

    One more thing. I also have an iPhone Xs with the JetAudio music player and Bongiovi DPS. So, that solution works flawlessly with cross fading and metadata and Airplay, but I can’t get it to scrobble to If someone knows how to get it scrobbling, please enlighten me!

    For now, I need to choose between no meta data or no scrobbling. So, I’m going for the least irritating which is no meta data.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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