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    Thank you sounds awwwwsome listening to Seal Crazy… very happy 5*****


    Funny every download I get is Ver. not Ver. 2.1 and my email tells me to download Ver. 2.1 but I still see Ver., I already have Ver. am I missing something here?


    Sorry for the confusion. The link on’s front page will continue to be 2.0 (Free Version) until we make 2.1 for sale. You want to download the official DPS 2.1 release for Windows here or OSX here. These are the same files that are available if you click the links in the email you received.


    Merci pour la mise à jour gratuite pour les clients, on apprécie. Bravo.

    Little Angel


    Thank you. I understand fully.

    Incidentally, the email arrived today, however the link for OSX in the email downloads not 2.1. I thought it important you know the bug in the email. ** Update** AFTER installing 2.1 the link in the email downloads version 2.1. This only happened after activation of 2.1 Strange.

    I managed to get 2.1 from your link in your post.

    Sounds brilliant. Thank you for free activation. Great customer service.



    Thanks for the kind word everyone!

    We are tracking the issue with the email requiring login then directing you to the account page which has the free version (2.0) on it. This may be related to the email service we are using to send out the upgrade emails.

    Please visit this page for FAQ and download links to the 2.1 version

    UPDATE: After logging in to your account, the My Downloads links now point to DPS 2.1 installers.


    Greetings sir,
    Received my email with licensee info, downloaded and installed and working perfectly on my mid-2010 MacBook Pro running the latest Mac OS, Sierra 10.12.4.

    Great job and thanks!



    Great to hear from you, Nuke! We are happy to be reconnecting with our old friends during this upgrade.


    Glad to see the news!


    I’m not sure if I was eligible for the free upgrade, so I downloaded the new version trial .. but I can’t find a link to actually pay for the new version if I’m not eligible for the free upgrade…?


    DPS Denizens,

    Bongiovi DPS 2.1 is now officially for sale! You may buy it now but I suggest waiting until this weekend. We will be running lots of sales 😉


    Also, if I buy the 9.99 dollars full version, will it be a lifetime license with free upgrades supported for all future versions i.e v3, v4, etc…. and will it be an unlimited PC License for personal use.


    I’ve been using Bongiovidpcs DPS since May 2016 .. I said back then that it was the best sound amplifier I’ve tried [and believe me, I’ve tried A LOT of them!] and with the newest version, I still stand by that statement! I just bought my license and I’d like to give a big thanks to you guys for providing the BEST out there at an awesome price!! Thanks again, guys!


    1. version what is its status BETA or RC?
    2. Where and why in version 2.1 the button – change background color skins
    3. Also in version 2.1, does not work the function of checking update of the new version and notifying it (for a show of seconds the message “This is the latest version available” appears) and everything and there is not even a button to download update
    4. Is it possible to do so, following the new versions, as in the previous 1 and 2.0 version, to hide the activation field in the window field – the activation key itself, like the password in previous versions

    Ronald N. Tan

    Hi Dan,

    Greetings from northern California! I wanted to know how intensive and practical the following feature request:

    Instead of having localized activation/deactivation, why not move to the server? As an example of usage….

    Each user is allowed to have 1 activation. Let’s just say that you decide to reformat or uninstall DPS without deactivating in the software? With the server-side, no worries. Once everything is put back together, the user logs into their account and click deactivate. Then, the user runs the DPS on their newly installed OS or computer and reactivate.

    I got this idea from a software I use for my professional photography. Capture One Pro allows us to have 3 activation. Each time I need to install the software, I log into my account with them and I could control the license management on their end (server-sided).

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 106 total)
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