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Benefits of the Launch of Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud

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    What the Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud offers:
    • As the name suggests, manufacturers shall definitely reap rich rewards by leveraging the features of this tool. However, the Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud has been designed to benefit most organizations which are into supply, distribution & storage of goods & finished products.
    • The focus is on giving the business owners a clear perspective of business data. In this domain, it can be very easy to overlook the nitty-gritty of important business data, which affects business data analysis in the long run. In accordance with its Customer 360 initiative, Salesforce plans on using this data for generating insights and trend analysis in order to improve and streamline processes.
    • Post analysis of agreements of service & sales, followed by gaining insights from predicting tools, the Saleforce Manufacturing Cloud aims at forecasting demand for products and services, related interference in the supply chain and/or inventory, and the probable costs that shall be incurred.
    How will the Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud affect the functioning of organizations?
    • The Manufacturing Cloud benefits businesses by aligning their Sales’ and Operations’ verticals; these functions being exceedingly reliant on each other in the long run.
    • Sales representatives can only sell realistic products and services to customers, which is limited by what the operations’ vertical can deliver. For this, the Sales’ team must have some clarity on the challenges and logistics associated with the services they’re offering.
    • Similarly, the Operations’ vertical would deliver better if the operations’ team would know exactly what the customer is expecting from the product/service being delivered to the latter. Interacting with the Sales’ team shall help them keep abreast of what the customers need and work towards the same on a regular basis.
    • However, for this to be achieved, these two business functions: Sales & Operations; need to be aligned. The Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud facilitates the same.
    Here are some of the salient features of the Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud:
    Sales’ Agreements
    • This allows a business owner to keep in view and actively consider all terms, conditions and negotiations agreed upon with end users and customers. This helps in tallying the actual revenue generated with the forecasted revenue/turnover.
    Full Salesforce integration
    • The data accrued on Sales Cloud and Service Cloud platforms will be readily available in the Manufacturing cloud as part of Salesforce Customer 360.
    • This implies that business owners can interact with their customers as soon a service issue arises or whenever there is an instance of account activity, thus extenuating damage to a firm’s reputation, while endorsing transparency.

    Seamless connection with your ERP
    • The MuleSoft Anypoint Platform makes it easy to incorporate the Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud into your ERP platform or any other order management system, thus making everything available on a single application suite.
    Impact of the Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud on CPQ
    • Salesforce’s acquisition of Steelbrick helped the former in fully automating and streamlining the quote-to-cash process, which constitutes a huge portion of the manufacturing function.
    • While Manufacturing Cloud won’t replace the conventional Salesforce CPQ as such, this new technology is without doubt a foundation stone for the new manufacturing platform.
    • With the help of the Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud, businesses shall now have a necessary single customer perspective, with information being stored in all features & parts of Salesforce with most third-party apps and products being accounted for.
    • Adding Einstein Analytics to the equation will give businesses an unmatched thrust.
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