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    None of my mainly using headphones are available Q Q


    Philips Fidelity S2

    Bowers & Wilkins P5

    Sennheiser Amperior

    BTW I`m using iPhone 5 with the Bongiovi DPS app.



    I also have these two, though not mainly using now:

    Bose OE2

    Bose QuietComfort 3


    FYI: My current most favorite profile is the Boston.

    (I have bought the advance feature ofc.)

    Joseph Beaty


    Thank you for the post.  There is certainly a chance for these profiles to be made.  Depends on how many requests, acquiring the device from either the manufacturer or by other means, etc.  We will take note of your devices and add them to a wish list.  I recommend trying other similar profiles for other devices in the meantime.  Example: I have some iHome headphones that sound great with the Dr. Dre Beats profile.  Try some different combinations and let us know what you like by responding here in the DPS community.  I am glad you like the default cities “Boston” profile.  I need to revisit that one. Are you also using the DPS EQ to further tweak to your liking?

    I use a lot of the default cities profiles with the EQ for headphones and my desktop speakers.   Always feel free to share your personal settings.  Thank you for your purchase of the Bongiovi DPS app.  DOn’t forget to rate us in the app store!  We look forward to more posting from you.






    I have the Bose QC3 headphones and use the Bose QC15 profile on both my Windows PC and my iPhone. It’s absolutely awesome, so give it a try.




    I’d like to second the request for Philips Fidelo S2.

    I have another IEM made by Audio Technica, model number ATH-CKM500. Would like to make a request for a profile of this.

    Joseph Beaty

    Thanks for the profile requests! Added them to the list!

    steveting99, We do have a Audio Technic profile for the Audio-Technica ATHCK7

    I recommend trying that profile on your ATH-CKM500 device as well as the various “Cities” profiles. We notice a lot of overlap where different device and “Cities” profiles are perfect matches for enhanced audio. Thanks for the post!


    Hi Joseph,

    Appreciate the feedback and yes, I’m trying various city profiles. Have currently settled on Phoenix as the best sounding to my ears. Seems to go well with both the S2 and ATM-CKM500 IEMs.



    Joseph Beaty

    Excellent thanks for the feedback!


    I second the request for the Bowers and Wilkins P5, the Bose QC3, and the Bose OE2. I also request the Bose AE2 and the new Bose QC20.

    Joseph Beaty

    Thanks for the request bubsdaddy!

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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