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    I found a post on the archive from 2 years ago stating you were working on an Android version.  Any progress on this?  I have to imagine that Android use has increased exponentially since that post was made and demand now would be greater than ever.

    I am sitting here at work listening to my brand new Aura Blu Note and even though it sounds great, the handout that came with talking about DPS and this website has me pining for this app.

    Will it help with the volume levels on my MP3s?  Sometimes I think my music stopped and it is just a low volume MP3, I turn it up, only to get blasted with the next song!



    Here is where we are today: The Bongiovi DPS SDK

    We have offered our sound processing algorithm as a software development kit for Android and iOS programmers.  It works great and we have a few folks already using it in their projects.  Look for Android apps powered by Bongiovi DPS in the near future!  I will certainly announce their presence here as they become available.


    Sign me up for the Android DPS!!!


    Just so you guys know, there is a demo Android app with DPS.  It is NOT FOR SALE and is for demo purposes only to show off the capabilities of the Bongiovi DPS SDK.  This demo app may not be as robust as an app in the Google Play store.  We are keeping it that way so we can focus on making the SDK the very best it can be.

    So with that in mind, if you want to try it out and tell your programmer friends about it, please sign up here.


    If anyone’s looking for this on Android – it’s available as a plug-in for the Jet Audio Player.

    I just purchased this today and….wow!  I’m sitting here now listening to The National and I’m hearing a whole new level of sound in music I’ve been listening to for years.

    Joseph Beaty

    The national is fantastic and so glad you are enjoying DPS in the Jet Audio Player. If anyone wants more info this blog post is a good reference

    Talks about how to get Bongiovi DPS audio enhancement inside of the Jet Audio Player. Enjoy!


    I wanted to make a new post about the Jet Audio Player Plus and DPS on android. I found it by searching for Bongiovi on the play store a week ago 😉 But I see I’m too late!

    All works as expected, the same good quality as DPS on Mac.


    hello i just got a android a acaltel one touch with kitkat 4.4.2 is it available now its 2016 now…? what link can i use to download? thanks..



    You can download the Jet audio application on your android device within the play store at

    The Bongiovi DPS audio enhancement is available as an in app upgrade to the premium Jet Audio Application. Details about upgrade and where DPS is within the Jet App are available here



    please lauch a stand alone APP on playstore or XDA dev of this BEAUTIFUL AND POWERFUL sound MOD/DRIVER


    Thanks pranshudee8! I’ll pass the suggestion along to our team!

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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