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    Hi there,

    Loving the Miami profile on my Klipsch G-7, via airfoil.

    The obvious question…have you any experience with profile use on this system?


    But back to op…It says not to use “instant on” with airfoil.

    Can I ask why, please? I don’t want to blow anything up, but can’t stop thinking about, “why”

    It’s like listening to “Macarana” just won’t leave my head.


    Correction: G-17 Air.

    Dan Rice


    I have enabled the “instant on” feature for testing purposes and things seem to be working fine with Airfoil. I have Spotify streaming through an Apple TV via Airfoil and Airplay. Although, I must note I can do this without Airfoil. I’m curious what the use case is that makes Airfoil useful?

    Just make sure DPS is not running when you first install the “instant on” extension (or add-on.) I’m not very familiar with Airfoil, I remember testing with it some years ago. Possibly the advice to avoid “instant on” is vestigial from a previous version of Airfoil.

    Try it out, let us know what you discover!


    Dan Rice
    DPS Support


    Hi Dan,

    Thanks for the info. I’ve turned it on.

    I’m using airfoil on Mac for a couple of reasons. The first is that I followed you instructions for airfoil as they were there, and I had Airfoil. I blindly followed. 🙂

    “Ooh! I have Airfoil, I *must* use it if there are instructions for it here.”

    Also, I have a house full of Airplay setups, so wanted to be able to choose which ones to send to at the same time; so I can have music in various places at once.  It also has to be simple and visual for my wife, who hates computers, but likes music. Airfoil is simple.

    I also did it due to the fact that AppleMusic disables Airplay in iTunes for some radio stuff: it was a bit of a two finger salute to them. “If you’re going to mess about with my Airplay options, in my house, sod you Apple.”

    You know.



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