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5.1 surround plays in stereo

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    I have been using SAGETV for 8 years . I just installed an ATSC antenna for my tv. I just refused to pay $50.00 for the 5 channels I watch. When tv shows were recorded before, time warner broadcast them in stereo so they also recorded in stereo. They now record in 5.1 with my new antenna. When I play them back through DPS, they play in stereo. When I change the sound card default to my actual sound card it plays in 5.1. At this time it isn’t going through DPS. Any idea what may be the issue here? I tried uninstalling dps and reinstalling it but I still can’t get 5.1 from my recorded tv shows. I also can’t get 5.1 from my movies. They also play back in stereo but play fine when I put the sound card as default. The way this is setup is the sound is through the hdmi that goes from the video card in the pc to the hdmi input on tv. The tv has SPDIF 5.1 out that goes to 5.1 receiver input.



    I’m not the technical expert, but I believe this topic has come up before. If I recall correctly, DPS does not process 5.1 audio. I’m sure one of the Bongiovi guys will chime in to confirm or deny this.

    Joseph Beaty


    jimboden is correct. We do not currently support 5.1 surround at this time. Hopefully soon. I am sure we will have an update on the next phase of DPS audio enhancer software products here shortly. Status of 5.1, new look, etc. Stay tuned.


    Thanks Jim and Joseph. I was afraid that would be the answer..Now to request 5.1 for Ver 2.0

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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