Bongiovi DPS

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Don’t everybody talk all at once!!! lol

I have tried a your competition’s software that supports 5.1. When I use it I still get 2.0 output and it definitely doesn’t sound as good as DFX even in 2.0.

1. 5.1 support ( guess you didn’t see that coming) 😉 I can use it with my dvd movies but then it is only 2.0 sound. It still sounds great but I still prefer 5.1.

2. Adjustable midrange frequency. The treble and bass work great but I would like a little more adjustment.  A 10 band equalizer would be nice but I have found it very difficult to get it sounding just right when there is too much to adjustment.

3. A free 6 pack of my favorite brew. That is of course if you’ll share it with me.