Bongiovi DPS

Reply To: Lag in Windows 8 x64


When playing 24bit/96kHz FLAC files through direct streaming using either primary sound driver or speakers (Digital Power Station) the ‘B’ button does work.

Great!  Then it is working properly.

I also played pink noise to see if there’s any SPL difference between ‘B’ button and no-’B’engaged. Surprised that the meter doesn’t recognize the sound difference that I’m currently hearing with my ears. Using C weighting average with a digital sound meter from Minolta.

Ah!  You’ve stumbled upon one of the really unique features of DPS!  You can’t use pink noise to measure with because it affects the dynamic range elements of the algorithm in ways that do not apply to music or movie content.  Remember, at any given moment in music there are varying amounts of each frequency.  This content is always changing over time.  Our ears work the same way… a phD friend of ours calls our ears “time history detectors”.  The are not level detectors or frequency analyzers.  Our ears recognize patterns.  That is only one of the reasons DPS sounds better and louder while measuring equally with simple weighted SPL meters.

Another example of the effect on the wavform can be found in this explanation of DPS HEAR: