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Reply To: Lag in Windows 8 x64


Thanks, Steve.  I haven’t used Foobar but I can see some issues from your description:

Is it possible to choose “Default Playback Device” as an output in Foobar?  This would allow Windows to handle the routing and any sample rate conversion.  This way Digital Power Station will receive audio when it is running automatically.

I also wonder if Foobar is trying to establish exclusive control over the Digital Power Station output driver and change its sample rate as if it were a standard speaker output.  The Digital Power Station is a virtual audio driver and behaves a little differently.  It’s main purpose is to act as a output in order to capture audio for the DPS software to process.  It’s intended use is as “Default Output Device”.

Also, does your sound card support 96k sampling rates?  If not, then use 48kHz.  The down conversion is simple divide by 2 and may sound nicer than 44.1kHz.  Let us know your findings!