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Reply To: Lag in Windows 8 x64


Hi xaqmusic,

Something funny happened when typing in item (3) in my previous report. Let me type it again.

(3) While playing music there’s an annoying pause/click/pop every time I start an application under Windows 8 64bit. Don’t know how to get rid of this. Sometimes this annoying pause/pop/click happens when I switch between active applications. Using Chrome, Foobar2000 and iTunes (have the latest version for tests.

On Foobar2000, I’m now using the direct stream. Selecting either (a) primary sound driver or (b) speakers (Digital Power Station) works with DPS plug-in. The ‘B’ button works and there’s an impact to the sound.

<span style=”font-size: 13px; line-height: 19px;”>When selecting direct stream using headphones (high definition output device) there is music coming out but the DPS plug-in doesn’t work. In this case selecting/de-selecting the ‘B’button has no impact to the sound. I believe Foobar2000 is bypassing the DPS plug-in. </span>

I don’t have a sound card and using the built-in DAC on the motherboard. In this case it’s the Realtek ALC888 . It supports 192kHz sampling rate. The virtual driver for DPS plug-in is locked into 44.1kHz, maybe this is problem?