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Reply To: Lag in Windows 8 x64


While playing music there’s an annoying pause/click/pop every time I start an application under Windows 8 64bit.

This is a bit unusual though not unheard of.  These types of glitches in Windows 8 are why we are rebuilding the virtual audio driver.  Rebuilding and testing the audio driver is our main priority at the moment.  Parallel to that is brainstorming new DPS interface features for 2.0.

On Foobar2000, I’m now using the direct stream. Selecting either (a) primary sound driver or (b) speakers (Digital Power Station) works with DPS plug-in. The ‘B’ button works and there’s an impact to the sound.

Good.  Then it is working correctly.

When selecting direct stream using headphones (high definition output device) there is music coming out but the DPS plug-in doesn’t work.

That is correct and expected.  You want to always keep the direct stream for Foobar set to primary driver or Digital Power Station.  You should choose your Headphone output driver in the Output Device menu in DPS Preferences.

Remember, DPS sits between the sound generating application (Foobar) and your listening device (headphones, speakers etc.).  This means you should control the audio using the DPS software.

It supports 192kHz sampling rate. The virtual driver for DPS plug-in is locked into 44.1kHz, maybe this is problem?

Most likely, yes.  However, when you play the higher sampling rate audio through Foobar set to primary driver with DPS running, does it work then?  I know 48k works though 96k or 192k require more to convert so there are issues.  We’ve always considered these sample rates to be “pro audio” and beyond the scope for DPS as a consumer product.

However, we all know Blu Ray supports these higher sample rates and they are now considered to be part of the consumer media pool.  As we rebuild the DPS drivers we will be investigating feasibility of higher sampling rates.