Bongiovi DPS

Reply To: iOS 7


Hi Joseph:

Too many new features to mention! I love how they’ve simplified a lot of things, even down to apps getting updated automatically without your intervention. No more app store notifications. The Safari changes are really nice, with tabs that can be dragged off the screen, plus there’s more screen real estate when you’re using the browser. The finger print security looks very promising on the 5S. I have an iPhone 4S, but am seriously thinking about upgrading to the 5S, which goes on sale here Sept. 20. iOS 7 is backwards compatible with the 4 series, though, so I could go with iOS 7 on my 4S if I don’t upgrade. There’s lots of reasons for me to upgrade to the 5S, though, but it means locking into another 2 year contract to get the subsidized price.