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Hello I have a couple of feature requests.

1.) Would it be possible to search by song individually, rather than have to jump to the letter the song starts with and then have to sift through similar songs?

2.) Also I’ve noticed a glitch that sometimes if you try to go back to a recent song even if it’s just the previous song, you are unable to go backwards at that point. A fix on this would be greatly appreciated since sometimes I might skip a track by accident and when I would like to back, I find that I’m not able to.

*Also I had previously talked with a Bongiovi rep about fixing the audio in between songs (a song will cut off 1-2 seconds before it ends and the next song begins to play) and he assured me that the team is looking to fix that.

I really do enjoy this app and it has changed the way I hear my music. I’m really looking forward to the update!