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Hi Joey,

#1: I generally use two sets of earphones – Apple standard for Skype/Lync, or Shure SE535 for listening to music/movies.  Likewise for plug-in desktop speakers – Minirig or into Audiolab pre/power-amps.  For each of these I have a preferred profile+EQ settings so I’d like to be able to save my settings and switch between them quickly without having to remember which profile and adjust the EQ each time.  It could be that you want to use the same profile more than one, but with different EQ settings.

#2: Fantastic! iOS as well to make it look more native?

#3: Maybe a ‘guru’ button on the EQ screen that allows you to tweak the most important parameters?  A config file would please me, but it might limit the number of people prepared to mess around.

All the best 🙂