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Great suggestions as usual!

Here is a quick “hack” tip that might serve you in the short term:

The DPS profiles are located in Macintosh HD/Library/Application Support/Bongiovi Acoustics. They appear in the Built-In/Desktop/Headphones menus according to their file name suffix. _1.bgv2 appear in Built-In, _2.bgv2 appear in Desktop and _3.bgv2 appear in headphones.

So by rearranging where the profiles appear, you can take advantage of the three automatic EQ settings. Perhaps set your Audiolab speakers to _1 so they appear under Built-In, Your Apple standard earbuds to _2 then your Shure SE535s to _3. Then the EQ will be saved for each of those whenever you switch to their “Listening to:” category.

Just a thought 🙂