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I agree with andyhiggins. The suggestion to add a visual representation of the frequency and range of the Q adjustment visually would really help with understanding how these adjustments affect the output. A horizontal or vertical bar with visual representation of the adjustments with frequency and Q adjustment numbers next to it would be ideal.

As discussed in another thread, the fine tuning of the frequency and Q is something that is difficult for most people using this software to enhance their listening pleasure to understand unless you are proficient in this area which you guys are, but most aren’t. I had to do extensive research on the internet to understand how these adjustments affect the output. Your feedback to that thread helped even more. As a matter of fact I think you should make it a “sticky” thread if possible. These adjustments are so fine that it is difficult to hear any difference while listening to movies or music. If someone had a digital sound analyzer scope you could see the difference and I know you are using one while developing this program. It is hard to discern by the sound what difference these adjustments make because the sound is constantly changing. I have tried making adjustments while listening to music and can’t hear any difference because of the fluidity of the music.  I understand this is the reason andyhiggins requested this feature.

I have also requested a midrange adjustment under the advanced settings and I realize this would probably complicate things further and you are trying to make a software that is easy to use but there are some of us that LIKE it complicated because it allows us to further tweak the settings to our liking.