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We don’t have a hard timeline just yet.  Here is what we are currently working on:

Audio driver updates for Windows and Mac – We are always looking to refine audio latency, stability and other behaviors like computer sleep/wake and video sync.

Interface refinements – What should appear on what window?  How should the controls be laid out?  How can an equalizer be made more intuitive?  Howe should profiles be categorized?  How should the user be notified when changes occur in the audio system?

Design and Style – We seem to have a consensus on a “flat” style (no drop shadows or crazy chrome) built on a custom drawn interface.  No stock OS windows will be used.  This means the user will be able to easily change the color of the interface to match the look of their desktop.  We are also building animation into the new interface so you will be able to “see” the effect of DPS on the sound!

When we get a little farther along we will start a new beta program.  I have a feeling we will refine the interface in Windows first then replicate in Mac once the design is finalized and we all like it.  For now I will post mock-ups and screenshots here so you can see our progress and PLEASE make comments!