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I’ve been using your software since the first iTunes plugin. I love it!

I like the direction the Mac and Windows interface is headed, flat and simple, but I don’t see how you can unify the iOS app without making it a system-wide thing. If feasible (you did say no idea is too big!), please make the iOS version system-wide. I don’t really like having to be constrained to a tiny percentage of my iTunes library on my iPhone anyway, so I listen mostly to Pandora (iTunes Radio does not impress) and TuneIn. As far as I can find, there’s no way to get DPS to enhance audio streamed via those apps in iOS.

And I agree with AndyHiggins. The fewer clicks and drags the better the GUI. Some sort of help would be nice, or animated indicators. One thing I hate about iOS 7 is users are expected to have excellent vision. Microscopic icons are useless! So, please keep it readable.

I can hardly wait!