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1. Currently Mac and PC DPS stores all settings related to the output categories in the registry or a plist file. These locations are common to the platforms and follow standard practices. I could understand using a JSON flat file to store this data if the DPS application were Java based and we were trying to maintain a single codebase for all platforms. However, our current codebases are rather platform specific due to the nuances of real time audio, synchronization and legacy factors.

2. I like the idea of extending the application URL scheme to pass command or DPS profile data to and from other apps. DPS profiles are only a few kilobytes. This might allow loading of a profile in the background and pretty much all of the user accessible functions of DPS. I’m not totally sure of a practical purpose for this but it is a super cool concept!

3. From a quick scan of the definition of RPC it seems to be a format for superduper fast lossless data transfer. This would make sense for audio streaming and it sparks some nifty ideas in my brain for speech or pattern recognition…hmmmmm

So, Mikey, since we are waxing philosophically, how would you see a developer utilizing a DPS Mac or PC API to add value to their own applications?