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Thank you so much for starting this thread and setting the tone for this discussion!  I know it’s been a long time coming.

Let me add a few details and I’ll have my colleagues add their two cents as well:

We normally set the Q value to 0.7 for broad boosts or cuts to any given frequency (Fc [Frequency Center] value).  This is widely considered to be one of the most musical Q values for digital equalizers.  By the way, the amazing audio coding you hear has been done by the the industry recognized masters at Z-Sys.

A Q value of 1.4 is good for affecting less broad ranges but still sounds musical.

A Q value of 3.0 is good for getting rid of harsh or honky sounding resonant frequencies inherent to specific speakers.

Here are some useful frequencies to consider:

50 Hz = The “chesty” thump of a bass drum.

100Hz = The lowest elements of a bass guitar.

150Hz = The “throaty notes” elements of a bass guitar.

250Hz = The “thwack” of a snare drum.

300Hz = The lower part of the human voice.  This is usually attenuated (lowered volume) in pop music but it’s still there.

450Hz = Not the prettiest frequency but necessary for good guitar, piano or other midrange instruments.

600Hz = If you like electric guitars you like this frequency.

700-900Hz = Important for overall vocal level within a mix.

1000Hz = 1kHz = Almost all speakers can represent this frequency accurately.  It is the test tone frequency you hear when curse words get “bleeped” out.  It’s also an industry standard test tone.

2-5kHz = This ranges represents the frequencies our ears are most sensitive to.  This range has everything to do with the perceived loudness of a recording.

6-8kHz = I consider these to be “presence” frequencies.  That’s a personal statement.  The upper elements of strings and horns lives here as well as the lower elements of cymbals.

9-16kHz = “Air”.  Depending on the playback system this range may not be represented accurately.  When it is, the mix and open up and sound very pretty.

17-20kHz = Your dog has something to say about these frequencies.