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So I just got a new mbp 2018 (Mojave) and am not happy with the sound from it. Sounds a bit muffled compared to my mbp 2014.
So I decided to install the latest copy of Bongiovi on the new one.
After reading through the pages on this thread I turned SIP OFF and installed it.
Tested and it worked great.
Turned SIP OFF and it didn’t work. I got the “Installed but not available..”
So I installed it again (did not uninstall) with SIP ON. After installation I just logged off and logged back in. IT is working now. I even rebooted and it is still working.

So I basically installed it twice. First Wirth SIP OFF then with SIP ON.
Note, I did get an alert needing permission for microphone on first install.

Bongiovi did help with better sound on this new mbp, just wonder why it sounded worse than my old one.