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Sorry for the late reply. Was the device in question using WASPI in Exclusive mode at the time of the crash? If DPS attempts to connect to a driver that is in use by another app in exclusive mode, the DPS application (which does the audio processing and UI) will crash. This is true for most audio apps in my experience. If you do not need the low latency or performance increase (due to insufficient CPU) that exclusive mode delivers, you may want to consider normal mode.


The Bose Companion 2 speakers certainly have the decent Bose sound. Bose was one of the early pioneers of using signal processing to improve the sound of small speakers and now they are considered to be the gold standard in the industry. Since there is a lot of signal processing happening in all Bose speakers, you will find the effect of DPS will be minimal. This is because their internal processing will always be trying to maintain the “Bose sound” meaning if DPS is attempting to add bass or clarity, the Bose algorithm will reduce it back down to predetermined levels.

In summary, the Bose Companion 2 speakers are of good quality especially if you, personally are happy with the sound. However, you may hear superior results (again depending on preference) with the Creative Labs T40 series and DPS.