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Can you describe the situation where this issue occurred in more detail? Especially, what external audio devices do you have connected when the crash occurs? I’m thinking the crash could occur when DPS is attempting to attach to a driver that no longer exists or does exist but now has a different ID. We have logic in place to handle this so I’m curious about the circumstances that cause the crash. We can fix if we can repro.


Miami, Mendoza and both Logitech speaker profiles are good choices to try. We suggest playing some content you are very familiar with (a movie, a favorite song or youtube clip) while testing our the profiles. Your personal preference is everything. When making the Logitech profiles we usually set the subwoofer volume to about 50% (midway on the control) with the subwoofer under our desk. However, the acoustics of the subwoofer can change drastically depending on the shape of your room, carpet or no carpet, distance from the desktop speakers etc. With this in mind, I suggest setting the subwoofer a little quiet for your taste so you can get a good sense of how the profile is working. When you are happy, adjust the volume of the subwoofer up or down a bit to suit your taste. If you feel the sound is too “muddy” (which is common for the Logitec systems) reduce the level of the subwoofer then boost 50Hz about 6dB on the bass EQ on DPS. Hope this helps!