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Thanks for the healthy discourse, nuke and mo. While these Mojave quirks are proving more annoying than previous upgrades of OSX, at least it this is not like Mavericks!


If Dan is reporting “it works”, he certainly means the blue icon is in the taskbar and audio is processing as expected. Dan handles most of our support tickets and is very thorough in his testing procedures. I totally understand if you want to wait for his confirmation but he won’t be back at work until Monday. I’d hate for you to have to suffer non-DPS iTunes all weekend 😉

Since Mo, our testing group and a few other users have reported success, I think it is safe for you to try reinstalling Be sure to click “Always Allow” if any keychain access is requested.

I spoke with our lead developer for OSX and we are investigating alternative ways to store credentials securely to avoid this in the future.