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Greetings Dan,

I was running the latest MacOS, High Sierra, my MacBook is only two months old, so it came with high Sierra on it from Apple, I believe there was one update to high Sierra that was updated after I received it.

I performed three reboots after uninstalling the DPS Plugin after using the installer, it was when I uninstalled it, and prior to those three reboots, thinking it would correct itself…… that I immediately had my preferences window pop up asking for email passwords from my internet accounts, then immediately a window popped us asking for my keychain password, and even though I had it, knew it, it would not accept it, and I was forced to use “forgot password” which had me create a new one after second party authentication using my iPhone and Apple code to allow that to be completed?
The another reboot and input of my new Apple ID which in turn allowed my iCloud to work again and input of my internet account passwords with preferences……

So Dan, you are saying now that’s it removed via the installer, if I reinstall it, this would be considered a “clean install” again and I would not encounter any issues?

Best regards Dan,