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I guess I’ve been enjoying the DPS plugin so long, I’ve havent had to hear anything with out it running. I must say my Bose desktop speakers playing iTunes playlists with the DPS plugin handling everything, it’s like night and day to my ears. Ha Ha.

I also wasn’t aware that Boom is also having issues with Mojave?

Mojave is to me just another update, I generally use it to check emails and listen to music and a little work now and again.

I generally use my iPad for emails etc. but the new 13” MacBook Pro Retina with touchbar recently replaced my old 15” mid 2010 MacBook Pro which finally crashed from old age, so bit the bullet and ordered the 13” MacBook Pro with everything I could get on it, so it’s speedy, plenty of disc space on the SSD and tons of ram/memory that I could get.

So again, I’ll remain patient till the bugs and Mojave issues are worked out of the DPS Plugin, the pain of it doing something to my existing keychain, Apple ID password and iCloud and internet email passwords again is something I do not want to endure again.