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Has anyone installed and had any issues, if so can you describe them, or any resolution you did to run DPS successfully?
As a background,
I have a 2017 13” MacBook Pro, yesterday using the installer to remove the DPS Plugin as it no longer was appearing in the top or known as a menu bar, after uninstalling it, it did something to my Apple keychain, none of my email passwords being recognized, it’s as if they had been removed, so when prompted to reinputnrhem, low and behold my Apple password for iCloud had been not only removed, or would not accept it when I tried to reinput that.
So I ended having to create a whole new Apple ID password, then reboot and then logging into iCloud to enable that again, along with input of all my previously saved email passwords In system preferences.
I also now did not have any sound coming from the computer, I have Bose desktop speakers through the earphone connection. So I opened system preferences, located sound, then output, and toggled system earphone connection and I had sound again, but wow did it sound terrible after using the DPS Plugin…. but at least I had sound for iTunes again…..
Quite the ordeal….. a PIA I must say and unexpected!

So I am really gun shy reinstalling version with MacOS version 10.15 or Mojave as Apple calls it.

I will also mention I am all Apple, so now after creating a new Apple ID, I had to reinput that into my iPhone, IPad, and three Apple TV’s….. so time consuming and a pain…..
So that’s why I am now gun shy and waiting……

So anyone care to share their installation of or any issues anyone else may have encountered, especially Mac users?

I’d appreciate hearing them, this forum afterall is meant to learn from each other and share some knowledge and experiences.

I am waiting a bit to attempt a reinstall, to have my email passwords and keychain and Apple ID compromised is something I do not want to experience again, it toook quite a few hours to get everything humming again, I’m sure it was to do with the uninstallation obviously.