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I’d like to clarify some of the issues others are seeing when upgrading to…

First of all, if you are not planning to upgrade to OSX Mojave, you may continue to use version Download here. If you are prompted to upgrade, choose “skip this version”.

To answer your question, Nuke, the uninstaller should work just fine on all versions.

Because Mojave has new security requirements, you will see Bongiovi DPS request keychain access. Just type in your system password and click “Always Allow”. The messages should no longer appear.

If you deny access during the process above the software may also become deactivated. You should be able to enter your email and password (if you are a subscriber – instructions here) or your email and license key (if you purchased prior to August 2018 – instructions here) to reactivate.

If you have any trouble with your account please create a support ticket and we will resolve the issue right away.

We apologize for any inconvenience.