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1 – Yes. This function must be configured within the profile but all of our current profiles only contain VSUB v1 parameters. The VSUB 2.0 algorithm has changed significantly from v1 and has been mainly developed for specific OEM applications. However, I’ll include some example profiles of VSUB 2 in the Bongiovi category for Built-in/External/Headphone outputs.

2 – Not in DPS v2.2. This is due to our legacy virtual audio driver only supporting a single sample rate/bit depth. There are multiple Microsoft impediments to updating our VAD that we don’t need to get into. However, we are working on a new application that supports both ASIO and WASAPI (thus freeing ourselves from our legacy VAD and opening us up to any bit/sample/channel config supported by Windows) but we don’t have a release date yet.

3 – We have found this to be an issue on some motherboard/chipsets but it seems to be out of our control. We think the logic used to manage audio input/outputs and autodetect plug insert is putting the driver in a state we don’t expect. It was easy to make all of this work in OSX where all machines are the same. But Windows computers have a lot of differences depending on the whims of the manufacturer.

4 – Our virtual driver is currently only 2 channels and thus the V3D algorithm is getting a 2 channel input. The V3D HRTF processing is “virtual surround” and creates the “out of head” experience for gaming etc. So there is no issue when bypassing DPS or V3D. In 7.1 V3D cases that are currently only supported in hardware (Realtek ALC56xx chips), we automatically downmix the 7.1 source to stereo when V3D is bypassed. Both 2 channel and 8 channel input versions of V3D have excellent spatial results and subjectively improve the playability of modern video games and VR applications based on our focus groups.

You won’t have to wait long for the 2.2 release. We are gearing up for the switch to 2.2 as we speak. We are working with release candidates of the app now and are prepping our server for the new subscription system. As a reminder, those of you who own license keys to DPS will not be affected by our switch to subscription-based payment.