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Hmm,yeah. The odd thing is that Bongiovi DPS has been working fairly well up until the last beta and final release it seems for me.

Also, good news on the Static Z Sound Control front, the developer is extremely proactive and has downloaded Bongiovi DPS and is making some changes that will allow it to work properly with Bongiovi DPS. The main developer there is really fantastic and this will help a lot with some deficiencies from Bongiovi DPS functionality.

I’ve also reported some of these odd Bongiovi DPS issues to Apple since it seems relatively new. Also I don’t think the issue is entirely bound to Sound Control, but when the developer releases the new version I’ll see what happens there as well.

Do you have crash reports from “Bongiovi DPS” in your $HOME/Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports folder? It might be useful to the developer to see those here.