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Well not quite, the system does run only on 1 virtualdevice. Even if I plug in the headset it will run over the same virtualdevice, meaning it won’t switch to another device when plugging in my headset (like most notebooks do). The subwoofer is also controlled via the same virtualdevice.

The first is easily fixed by simply making the virtualdevice volume which it’s processing the exact same volume as DPS itself. Maybe add under settings a “sync device volume with DPS volume” option.

The second is something harder to fix, I’d honestly settle on some sort of hotkey. I’d say just make under settings a little option for hotkey combinations for switching the around the options so that people like me who have a rather special setup can just press a combination which we can define to switch from headset to ecternal speakers etc.

If you could do that, then you got yourself another customer (:

I’d also appreciate if you could give an ETA of how long this would take when talking to the engineering team. It shouldn’t take long, but I’m sure you guys are working on a new 2.2 version.