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Dan Rice


Thanks for submitting your profiles request. To be completely honest with you, the Tannoy Little Red Monitor speakers seem like they will be pretty hard to get a hold of. We create every profile by hand/ear which means we must have that particular piece of hardware on our bench to tune. We create a custom profiles for devices as they are made available to us and it doesn’t seem very likely that we’ll be able to get these into our studio.

That said, I do hear what you are saying and I will pass your feedback along to my audio engineers and see if they can create a profile for bigger or more robust speakers.

Have you tried the various City and other device profiles? We noticed there is a lot of overlap in the profile settings for many devices. Odds are the perfect profile is right there waiting for you to select it. You know you have the right profile when your favorite songs “light up”. Just trust your ears and how you feel when you listen to your media.


Dan R.
DPS Support