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Ronald N. Tan

Hi Dan,

Greetings from northern California! I wanted to know how intensive and practical the following feature request:

Instead of having localized activation/deactivation, why not move to the server? As an example of usage….

Each user is allowed to have 1 activation. Let’s just say that you decide to reformat or uninstall DPS without deactivating in the software? With the server-side, no worries. Once everything is put back together, the user logs into their account and click deactivate. Then, the user runs the DPS on their newly installed OS or computer and reactivate.

I got this idea from a software I use for my professional photography. Capture One Pro allows us to have 3 activation. Each time I need to install the software, I log into my account with them and I could control the license management on their end (server-sided).