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I compared my old first generation retina MacBook Pro to my new 2016 retina MacBook pro’s sound, and I noticed something interesting: The old Retina MacBook Pro sounds BETTER with DPS on when using the profile from 1.x in the 2.X than the new MBP WITHOUT DPS installed. Because I don’t have the option to install profiles anymore on the new MacBook Pro with 2.X, I can’t tell you how it would directly compare at the moment. I can tell you that the laptop does have a richer and wider sound profile than my old laptop. It does however benefit greatly from the plugin. Overall on the latest MacBook Pro, DPS has helped boost the bass a bunch, which is a godsend to me.

I have mild-moderate conductive bone hearing loss, which means the tiny bones in my ears don’t vibrate like they are supposed to. That means that I don’t hear the lower frequencies as well as the others. Using DPS, I am able to restore the lost sound that I hear. I’ve noticed that if I cup my hands behind my ears, I can get close to normal hearing, but only in one direction so, I guess you know what it’s like now.

The way I’d describe the difference with DPS on the mid 2012 Retina MacBook Pro, and the latest one, is that the plugins sound like they are doing the exact same things on each laptop. The newer laptop however has better so9und overall, and so the plugin overall sounds better to me when configured to its best.

Finally, I am looking for a sound profile that would give the most accurate reproduction of sound on speakers when recorded via a microphone that has a wider sound profile than the speakers. To me that means if you were to play a sine wave/square wave that covered the entire range of sound the speakers to play, the volume, and quality of the sound should stay constant. In short, if you chose profile A on speakers A, and profile B on speakers B, and C on C,they should sound identical. I know this would be extremely hard to do but it’s just a thought.