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Previously i had issues with “cracking/ static” disturbance occasionally, when using DPS. Even with the latest version. I have isolated the issue, and fixed it.

It has to do with (in my case, macbook pro mid 2010 2.66GHz) intel’s turbo boost. After loading a script into launchdaemons to disable intel’s turbo boost at every boot… no more noise disturbance… btw, my graphics card no longer throttles/lag too!

On a side note, i have been using Encore mDSD DAC together DPS, and its great, except for 1 issue. Upon reboot, or boot up, DPS insider “headphones” section, output keeps defaulting to system output; i have to always manually select Encore mDSD as the output… would be great if DPS preferences can be saved with last known selection.

Thank you for your great work!