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Thank You for the valuable information

Now as 1st of march approaches is there any date yet where the 2.1 version will be available or the activation possible for users who bought 1.x?

I upgraded my OS so i now can use 2.0 and also was able to reestablish the workaround with soundflower and soundflowerbed to send the output to my usb audio interface. Result is absolutely convincing. (i know it was not intended that way but works like a charm – and i would have missed DPS very much as it sounds much better even over the interface for old recordings and itunes stuff with low quality ;-))

Now i am not sure if i should stay with 2.0 or go back to 1.0.7 which worked just fine and gave me full controls about profiles and equalizer (if i use the same profile (phoenix) the difference in sound between the versions is not very much – i still do think 2.0 is a bit brighter and clearer but not sure as i just installed it – will have to test).