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Hey Rupert,

Your observations of the City profiles makes sense. They are designed to be a universal optimization for a wide range of devices. These profiles sound different on every device even if the specs are very similar so our instructions to our users is “try them all and see what sounds best for you and your music tastes”.

The “squashed” or “muddy” sound you hear for some tracks is due to the dynamic parts of the algorithm working hard to “push down” the loudest parts to match quieter music. There is always a sweet spot to calibrate this on every device so loud and soft tracks sound great. This is independent of frequency response which is governed by the equalizer.

If you listen to a lot of loud tracks, I suggest turning down the level of your music player (iTunes, Spotify etc) so the input to DPS is a bit lower. The volume will still be the same but the music will sound much clearer.

When DPS 2.1 (FULL version) is released, you will notice the 100+ custom profiles will have better performance on their specified (or similar) devices.

I hope this helps!