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Ronald N. Tan

@Dan Rice


I think we can AGREE TO DISAGREE on the comment concerning requiring a GUI update. How many times do you honestly open the DPS to play around with the sliders? For the free version, you really can’t adjust anything, other then circling around the speaker profiles.

If you’re are selecting the speaker profiles—again—how long do you spend time in the software to warrant a “prettier interface.” I put mine on the “Transparent Theme” and I honestly do not care for the rest of the looks that I could select. Most of my songs (music) are from artists like Celine Dion, Madonna, Enigma, etc. I put my speaker profile on the “Mendoza” and unless my ears was playing tricks on me, my music sounds “awesome and alive” to me.

Already, DPS 2.X is running late due to their CES or something. I rather not have the team’s resources being used in something frivolous and unpractical and rather concentrate on profiling MORE SPEAKERS when the paid version gets out. I rather the team focus on FUNCTIONALITY than looks. They’re a sound software and not a graphics program.

Kindest regards,