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Hello chaps,

I just installed the latest update. Followed the news about “full featured version coming soon” and here I am browsing the forum. Opportunity to give you my feedback, I think. So here we go.

Here is some background. I’m a music enthusiast. My music tastes are quite eclectic, I think. Everything from ambient to brutal death metal. For the last couple years, my focus is on everything progressive – from classic prog rock to djent. But I do enjoy EDM, house, trance and sometimes even dance too:) Professionally I’m a UX / web designer.

I’m nowhere near the “audiophile” approach. I just like music. I know nothing about sound engineering but I can tell and enjoy the difference between bad and good sound. On a purely subjective level:) I wouldn’t spend crazy sums on audio stuff, but a pair of decent Audio-Technica’s and Fiio DAC connected to my PC I consider as a good purchase.

I came across Bongiovi DPS quite accidentally. I was researching whether it would make sense to get an analogue equaliser and connect it to the PC. I was looking for a solution that would give me more control over the output. I listen to music from Spotify, SoundCloud, basecamp, occasionally will buy some albums from Amazon (mp3) or get some lossless from Bandcamp. The sound quality varies between these sources a lot so was hoping to find a solution to compensate – hence my research.

When I found Bongiovi DPS, initially there was nothing really that would impress me about it. And it wasn’t quite the thing I was looking for. But I decided to give it a go anyway – curiosity I guess.

What I think today is …God! Not trying it would really be a thing to regret! What a great piece of software engineering! Firstly – idiot-proof setup! That was really great. Complex, confusing setup can kill the product for many users before they even try it. The next thing that I was blown away with how the product spoke for itself. Just a few options to play with, a pretty small number of presets. But the sound – really beyond expectations. And the moment I could hear the difference I could also see why so few options. Simply, nothing more is really needed. And I really appreciate and enjoy this no-nonsense approach. I’m not being forced to understand any complexities. I can simply enjoy my music because someone who knows the complex stuff gave ma a simple but fine-tuned tool. So speaking of presets – there is just 8 for headphones, right? But each preset different (New York being my No 1). And those differences also do feel right, natural. Not like something created just for the sake of having more stuff on the list.

The bottom line – it’s an inconspicuous sound superhero. Small and simple on the outside, purposeful and refined on the inside.

As a side note, because this is stuff I know. The UI, while not that bad, could get a bit more love. There are some pretty simple usability issues (should be easy to fix, example – radio button status gets difficult to read with some background colours) and some more complex too (layout, UI patterns used, typography). And I’ve really seen worse. But this is a great bit of tech, that deserves matching visuals.