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This really sounds amazing but unfortunately I have to deal with some clicking/popping/audio glitches from time to time and I can’t figure out the cause. I’ve tried everything on the Windows FAQ section on the Bongiovi site and nothing fixes it. I’ve seen others mentioning this problem so I’m not the only one.

The thing is, even though I despise these clicking/popping sounds and they definitely ruin the experience, I can still tolerate it because they appear rarely, but they always eventually appear. For example, I can go a full hour hearing music nonstop and everything works fine and then bam!, here they are. Sometimes they might appear right away. It’s also worth mentioning that when they appear, they appear for good….For example, as soon as the first click presents itself, three seconds later another one appears, four seconds later another one… Also, when the clicking appears sometimes it sounds like the sound lags a little, but it’s so minor that you only notice it if you’re really paying attention.

Hope I’ve mentioned everything as I experience it to hopefully help identify the problem. So, if anyone has any advice to help fix this problem I would be really grateful because I really appreciate this technology.

Many thanks and keep the good work!